Bible where god reveals himself

Introduction We have seen that archeology and natural science tend to verify the Bible. However, the evidence from these is merely supportive, and not proof. The real evidence that the Bible is the word of God must be internal.

Bible where god reveals himself

We have a seven-day week, because God gave it to Adam and wrote it in the Bible. The hours in a day, the days in a month, and the days in a year are all based on astronomical movements of the sun from our perspectiveearth, and moon.

But the only explanation for all nations and languages perpetually observing a seven-day week is based on the creation account and week determination given in the Bible Genesis 2: Noah, being a man who walked with God Genesis 6: This point alone could be enough to convince a reasonable man of the Bible.

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What do others say about the origin of the seventh day? Tacitus, Roman historian of great integrity, wrote that Pontius Pilate crucified Jesus in the reign of Tiberias Caesar.

Josephus testified of His miracles. Thallus admits three dark hours. Many witnessed of Jesus Christ. It stoops neither to personal greed, national pride, or fleshly appetites, but is rather constant in its instruction for man to lift his affection and ambition toward God and heaven Deut 6: Prosperity and poverty are both viewed as distractions to spiritual and eternal values, which is a unique position between extremes Prov Marriage is viewed as a distraction from serving God I Cor 7: And therefore religious prohibitions against marriage are strongly condemned I Tim 4: Righteousness is more important than riches Proverbs It describes God in the most sublime language possible, possessing transcendent holiness without any human characteristics of weakness, superstition, or natural tendencies Numbers Salvation of the soul is more valuable than acquiring the whole world Matthew It emphasizes faith over sight, for God and spiritual things are not seen with natural vision, nor anything of permanent existence or value II Cor 4: It presumes faith as the gift of God, and any thinking apart from faith is unreasonable John It addresses faith rather than reason Acts The Bible says more, says it better, and says it in fewer words than any writings of any man.

Even pagan literary experts consider the Bible the greatest piece of English literature for most of these same reasons. Make a comparison of the Bible with the vague generalities of some, the mere opinions of others, the transcendental meditations of others, and the lack of any conclusion of the rest.

The writings of man — any writings of any man — are severely inferior to the powerful communication and conclusions of Scripture. Only God, with omniscience — infinite wisdom, could write so authoritatively on all subjects with absolute conclusions, all complementary and corroborating to each other.

It begs for scrutiny and describes critical readers as noble Acts Would an infinite God create two orders of beings — angels and men — to show election and reprobation, mercy and wrath, forgiveness and judgment, love and hatred? Such a plan creates the ultimate drama to display His perfections to the universe in a reasonable way that no other religion even approaches, and this is explained clearly and sensibly in the Bible Prov Are the duties required of man in the Bible reasonable?

If men were to live by the Bible, they would realize Utopia on earth, as much as it can be realized by sinful creatures under a curse of death waiting for judgment. Is the Book of Mormon reasonable?

It was fabricated by a stone-peeper, sounds like childish plagiarism of the Bible by a semi-literate, contains the basic content of popular novels of the time, is silent about most Mormon doctrines, contradicts science and history, and is ridiculous with battles killing every single person on both sides.

Is the Koran reasonable?The Bible provides us with specific information about God Himself, who we are, spiritual truth, our spiritual needs, the past, and the future. The Bible contains what we need to know about God and spiritual life.

Bible where god reveals himself

During my last message of the “Real Questions People Ask” series, I ended it by teaching about the Bible itself. In the final moments of the message, I gave a quick tour . Why I Believe the Bible. Proof that the Creator God Wrote the Bible and Established Bible Christianity as the Only True Religion "Produce your cause, saith the LORD; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.".

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But God has revealed this unto us by his Spirit, for the Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. King James Bible But God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God. Lesson 4: Crucial Lessons From Knowing God Is Our Creator.

What insights can those who believe God is our Creator learn from His incredible creation? Introduction The righteousness of God, one of the most prominent attributes of God in the Scriptures, is also one of the most elusive.

Initially, distinguishing the righteousness of God from His holiness or His goodness seems difficult.

How Does God Reveal Himself To Us?