Coach inc case study

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Coach inc case study

The company, faced with struggling Western economies, is looking for growth overseas and has identified China and India as two of the more viable markets. In order to guide this expansion, the company's HR strategy will need to facilitate this growth.

The best approach for this strategy is the integrated model, combining elements of the resource-based model and the control-based model. This strategy emphasizes a paternalistic and commitment-based approach to human resources development.

The recruitment focus will be on internal sourcing, as employee retention is important to maintaining high customer service standards. Motivation will be based largely on opportunity, of which there is expected to be a significant amount in the coming years. The model also emphasizes increased outcomes-based measuring, Coach inc case study can aid in training as well as identifying and classifying potential managerial candidates.

There are some limitations with respect to this model. A global HR model does little to address local differences, some of which could be significant particularly in China.

Coach inc case study

In addition, this model relies on measures that may not be universally viable, such as customer satisfaction indices. However, this approach will allow Coach to take a more active role in developing leaders, and this will allow the company to grow in these new markets more quickly, while maintaining high standards.

In addition, this approach is congruent with the key success drivers for the firm both in the past and moving forward into the future. Introduction Coach Incorporated is a producer and marketer of luxury leader goods, in particular handbags, business cases and other accessories.

The company began in New York in and has since expanded around the world. Coach markets under its eponymous brand name and the Poppy brand. The company has earned a reputation as a top luxury brand, committed to high quality goods and excellent customer service Coach.

Coach's Product Strategy

This is in part due to the company's ability to open new markets and due in part to the fact that the market for luxury goods is less elastic with respect to the state of the global economy than many other markets. Coach is currently faced with the situation of developing a human resources strategy to take it through the next few years.

Not only does this strategy need to address basic ongoing HR requirements, but it also needs to address a couple of specific strategic issues.

Coach inc case study

The first is the ongoing recession, which may necessitate workforce reductions, although to this point that has not occurred with the company. The second is the desire of the company to continue to expand internationally.

In this case, the focus of expansion in the coming years is with respect to the Indian market. This report will make the case for a new strategic human resources plan that will allow Coach to meet its strategic objectives over the coming years.

Creating A New Coach

Background The market for luxury goods in general has remained strong in the face of economic downturn. Unemployment and newfound poverty do not typically impact the Coach customer. Our target market generally has sufficient wealth to maintain consumption patterns even given a downturn.

The economic outlook, however, remains poor. Economic growth in the developed world has stagnated. The recent UK budget and the likelihood of two years of legislative gridlock in the U.

Abstract Coach, Inc began operations in in New York to produce women’s handbags. It’s initial strategy focused on being the lowest cost provider by setting prices approximately 50 percent lower than more luxurious brands. Coach Case Study In , Coach Inc. was founded in a loft located in Manhattan, New York. Inspired by the baseball glove, it was the driver behind the soft, yet strong and durable leather. Business Strategy Case Study on Coach Inc.: From Staid to Stylish. This case talks about Coach's product strategy and how the various collections launched in the late s and early s managed to raise the brand to the level of high-end fashion labels like Gucci and LVMH. It discusses Coach's positioning in the market and the company's image building initiatives since the late s.

Congress will have contractionary effects on the economy as one specifically weakens the UK while the other will make it almost impossible for the U. To pull out the recession.

Thus, growth in the global economy will be concentrated in areas outside of Western markets, in particular China, other Asian markets, Arab markets and India. This provides the strategic impetus to expand into these markets rather than focusing on the slow-growth Western markets. This growth is expected as a result of growth of India's middle and wealthy classes, a function of the country's improving economic prosperity.

Indian consumers have only recently discovered luxury goods and have found this class of products to be aligned with their aspirations Ibid.

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Growth in the Indian economy is fuelling this burgeoning class of Indian luxury goods consumers. Although India is a multilingual country, the de facto language of wealthy Indians is English, so there is no linguistic barrier for Coach.

There are, however, some cultural barriers, and these are relatively unique such that our experiences do not adequately prepare us for Indian consumers, distribution channels, and government interaction.

Thus, local competency will be required in order for Coach to properly penetrate the Indian market. The Chinese market has even greater potential.Graduate assistant rowing coach position from sept Kings School Canterbury are looking for a graduate assistant rowing coach to help with all aspects of the rowing club as well as some wider involvement in the School.

Buy The Leadership Lessons of Gregg Popovich: A Case Study on the San Antonio Spurs' 5-time NBA Championship Winning Head Coach: Read 24 Kindle Store Reviews - . Case Study Coach, Inc Case Study Pages: 12 ( words) | Bibliography Sources: 10 Coach is a luxury goods maker with $ billion in revenue, derived from own-branded stores around the world.

Coach, Inc. is a designer, producer, and marketer of a prestige line of handbags, briefcases, luggage, and accessories. The company made its reputation selling sturdy leather purses in unchanging, traditional, classic styles, and it remains one of the best-known leather brands in the United States.

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