English broadsheet celebrity culture

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English broadsheet celebrity culture

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Cult of celebrity spreads: The velvet rope revolution Independent. There was the firmament of Hollywood stars, while several atmospheres below on Earth, there was us.

Things have changed dramatically since then of course, and now we're all part of a growing culture that has seen the lines between celebrity and civilian dissolve. Not only has showbiz become all-pervasive in culture, creeping insidiously up the news agenda so far as to be discussed in broadsheet columns and current affairs shows, but now we all have a part to play in the increasingly gladiatorial spectacle.

Just last month, a tiff in an elevator between three celebrities — Beyonce and Solange Knowles, and rapper Jay-Z — pushed more serious news stories like Nigerian teenage girls kidnapped by Boko Haram off the front page. The leaked video of the fight went viral within hours, trending worldwide on Twitter for several days.

Before long, everyone had a theory, opinion or snarky riposte to hand about it. Who knew that the cult of celebrity would become a societal behemoth, not English broadsheet celebrity culture for teenage girls and magazines at the hairdressers?

In mapping the co-ordinates of showbiz, scholars and historians often start at the Hollywood studio system of the s and '60s. It was then, according to Ellis Cashmore, professor of media, culture and sport at the University of Staffordshire, that the first celebrity really took flight.

With Liz, we were interested in her, but more interested in her private life. The studios went crazy, because they couldn't control her A few years later, Madonna then took it to another level by essentially saying, 'I'm not going to have a private life at all'.

English broadsheet celebrity culture

To understand celebrity culture in its current incarnation, it's impossible to overlook the significance of 'Big Brother', which launched in For the first time, Average Joe was front and centre, and audiences started to hunger for the truly banal.

Within months, newspapers and magazines were awash with gardeners, teachers and dental nurses, freshly anointed with fame. We started turning our attentions to people with no body of work behind them at all. It's quite satisfying to be put in a position of We got to approve people or admonish them.

The celebrity is no longer an untouchable, infallible, godlike entity. Even more curiously, the culture of hating celebrities is as strong as the culture of liking them.

Previously, the idea of a star meant they had luminous qualities — they were 'extra-human'. We talked of celebrities as being 'high auratic'. The thing is, we need to recognise that that's the nature of our public culture now.

Talent and merit aren't as clear-cut as they used to be. If we don't celebrate someone for being talented, we feel that they're a bit 'closer' to us.

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Comparing yourself to others essentially makes you unhappy, but when we compare ourselves to celebrities and they make a mistake, it helps people feel less bad about themselves.

It's not necessarily a good thing. But when someone like Jessica Simpson puts her hands up and admits she has difficulty losing weight, people love it.

Years ago, celebrity culture was for vacuous, bored women and teenagers; fans of frivolity and fluff. Now, every aspect of life — from politics to sport — has been 'celebritised'. Celebrity culture isn't simply inescapable: These days websites get their most valuable numbers through social and sharing so that's what their news agenda is set up for.

In the absence of neighbours we can view behind twitching curtains, we take to gossiping about celebrities. In an increasingly atomised society, this gives us a sense of commonality, and belonging. If you work digitally or at a distance from others and you don't take lunch with co-workers, celebrity watching helps you feel connected to a group of social actors.

If I can help someone forget about all that for 10 minutes of the day, I'll have done my job. Consider, for instance, the sheer outpouring of grief when a celebrity dies. The precedent was likely set in at Princess Diana's death — in the years since, the deaths of Jade Goody and more recently Peaches Geldof have prompted episodes of mass mourning.

Emotionally though, we change as people with our culture. Cynics can say you can't love someone just by tweeting at them, but on social media we can express and feel emotions, which makes our interactions with celebrities very different to 10 years ago.

There's an experience of national pride that's very intense here. At a time when we're being forced into compulsory immigration, there's a lot of pleasure in seeing that the Irish are doing well somewhere else.

The Irish celebrity doing well abroad offers proof that getting away can result in tremendous success.The daily tabloids in the United States date back to the founding of the New York Daily News in , followed by the New York Daily Mirror and the New York Evening Graphic in the s.

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English Broadsheet (Celebrity Culture) helps young people to see that you really don't have to come from anywhere special to get to where you want to in life. Notably, Cheryl Cole is not the best singer in the world. She is a beautiful woman with a .

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