Essay on obamas inauguration speech 2013

I celebrate such a day.

Essay on obamas inauguration speech 2013

Tuesday, December 13th, at Official White House photo by Pete Souza. Will the United States ever again have a president who drops the mic or a first lady who raps about going to college?

Barack and Michelle Obama were arguably more conversant in popular culture than any other couple who has occupied the White House. It has been a two-way street. For others, all that exposure was unseemly and tarnished the presidency.

And urban culture, with its tilt toward black celebrities, dominates the national arts scene.

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As such, they were going to be a different kind of first family by default. Their connection to popular culture has only added another layer to that narrative of difference. Do you want to talk to famous people, or do you want to solve the problems of a dangerous world?

Obama and his strategists determined the question to be outdated. They thought they could leverage his fame to push their agenda. But other appearances on popular television were few, Thompson said. Obama kept it going because he and his team thought it played to his strengths, said Stephanie Cutter, who has been a top adviser to both of the Obamas.

The president has a dry wit.

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It can come through comedy and skits, [but] not every politician or public figure has the skill set to do it. After her speech at the Democratic National Convention, media requests started pouring in, Cutter said, and the future first lady began to develop a media profile.

She posted childhood photos on Instagram.

Essay on obamas inauguration speech 2013

Her number of followers there surpassed the number following the main White House account. And her staff built partnerships with Internet stars on YouTube and Vine, some of whom visited Washington to make silly videos with the first lady.

Are people going to understand it? Rock recounted the experience in a stand-up routine: The race for president, too, reflected this. The winner, Donald Trump, was aided by his past as a reality television star.

Media critics said his political rise was due, in part, to his ability to dominate the pop-culture conversation.Barack Obama's inaugural speech was a very memorable speech because of many different reasons.

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He related back to many different presidents and past events. Barack Obama's second inauguration Barack Obama is from the government, and he is here to help. Mr Obama's inaugural speech, delivered this morning beneath a bright, chilly Washington sky. Feb 09,  · By now we all have (or should have) read about Sadie, the year-old transgender girl who wrote an essay to President Barack Obama after his inaugural speech a few weeks ago.

She was happy to hear Obama mention gays, but felt transgender people were left out. Jan 21,  · WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address, delivered on a crisp, overcast day at the nation’s capital, was an unapologetic one.

By Jueseppi B. President Obama's Handwritten Essay Marking the th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address Kori Schulman November 19, PM EST One hundred and fifty years ago today, President Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most memorable speeches in U.S.

history from Gettysburg, PA. In dedicating the military cemetery where. As the president set up his address with these comments, he is trying to get at a point that the aspiration set up by the founding fathers of the United States are still pertinent and essential to everyone.

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