Guidelines for writing a wikipedia article of the day

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Guidelines for writing a wikipedia article of the day

Writing Paula Marentette In a senior seminar on language acquisition, a group of seven students successfully edited two Wikipedia articles and achieved Good Article status. A Good Article meets a basic set of criteria that indicate the material is well written, neutral, and appropriately sourced.

It is not a particularly high bar, but is an external assessment of quality. Good Articles receive their designation from the Wikipedia community and are marked by a small green button in the title bar. Psychology currently has 44 entries that qualify as Good Articles from a total of 8, entries.

My students wrote two of them. I had used Wikipedia in a previous seminar class, so I had some familiarity with the process. Marentette and the talk pages of these articles. I began by searching for stubs related to the content of the course. Stubs are existing short articles that need expansion.

It can be challenging for students to start an entirely new page, take on the improvement of an existing extensive article, or revise one for which there has been a long history or much controversy.

From the stubs, students selected two entries: Joint Attention and Vocabulary Development. Students then spent weeks doing traditional library research, reading about their topic and planning a revised outline for their article.

They began their writing in sandboxes, less public spaces that can be used to try out alterations to an article. About 8 weeks into the course, once they had a strong framework for their article and all the basic material present, they moved their revisions to the live page.

This was done with the help of an online course ambassador — an editor assigned to my course because I registered with the Wikipedia Education Program. The technical support and advice of our ambassador was critical to the success of this project.

A hook, accompanied by a link to an article that has increased at least five-fold in size within the last week, is published on the Wikipedia home page only for 8 hours at a time because there is a substantial queue. This process brings lots of fresh eyes to the page e. Those eyes meant that students were now writing for the public!

The most challenging part of this assignment for students was the timing. The increased traffic is important for students planning to submit their article for Good Article status. The second greatest challenge was developing a familiarity with Wikipedia standards including three key practices: It was a great and frustrating experience to work through what we thought these meant and what our various Wikipedia editors and contributors thought these meant.

Our biggest disagreement with Wikipedia guidelines involved what constituted original research. My students did not enter the course with preexisting positions on vocabulary development or joint attention, nor were they collecting their own data.

Surprisingly, the NOR policy reared its head in two ways: Very early on we were informed on our talk pages that the great sources my students were gathering would not be appropriate for Wikipedia since they were primary sources.

Wiki editors had a strong preference for handbooks or textbooks rather than journal articles. Even if students were using the articles for their peer-reviewed literature reviews, they were encouraged to cite handbooks often chapters written by the same authors as the peer-reviewed articles.

I disagree that a peer-reviewed journal article counts as original research in that sense. It is not a diary, for example. Most of the science articles we were given as examples did use journal articles in the way we were using them.

Regardless of my opinion, whether or not our sources were acceptable was decided by community consensus. We resolved this by separating out each claim and only citing one source for it. This experience raises a key point for instructors: You must consider whether your writing goals and the standards of Wikipedia are compatible.

guidelines for writing a wikipedia article of the day

You may want your students to adopt and argue for a position.Wikipedia:Picture of the day/Guidelines Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Featured Picture Tools These are the guidelines for writing Picture of the day (POTD) blurbs. The steps to take, in order, are: then it shouldn't be on the front page of Wikipedia either.

Editing Wikipedia articles on Medicine. Choosing an article Generally, follow these guidelines when Writing medically sound Wikipedia articles takes time. Don’t wait until the last minute, but if you get stuck, always use Wikipedia every day more information about topics that are important to them.

Writing your biography article Wikipedia’s encyclopedic tone may be different from your usual academic writing. Familiarize yourself with a few good biographies on.

We offer Wikipedia article writing, entries, consulting and posting for Company entries, Historical biographies, and Proprietary processes and technologies. Search for the article, and review Wikipedia's article titling policy before creating your first article.

If an article on your topic already exists, but you think people might look for it under some different name or spelling, learn how to create redirects to alternative titles ; .

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