Loss of innocence 1880 1914

A few momentos of a British soldier's service during the Second World War. I remember items which seem to have been lost over the years, in particular a swastika and eagle uniform badge, on its felt backing.

Loss of innocence 1880 1914

For Further Study Dylan Thomas has been a controversial poet since his first poems appeared in His work is not easily categorized. He has been variously described as a surrealist, a primitive, a Welsh bard, a metaphysical poet, a dadaist; the list is extensive. Perhaps the term most frequently attached to Thomas is twentieth-century Romantic.

In the first period, his poems are complex and often obscure, centering on the cycle of birth and death. This is contrasted in the final stanzas with the regret of the adult as he recalls the loss of the innocence and splendor of childhood.

Author Biography Thomas was born at home in the Uplands district of Swansea, Wales, on October 27,the second child and only son of middle-class parents.

His sister Nancy was nearly nine years older than he. His father was a schoolmaster in English at the local grammar school. Even at the end of his life, she found no fault in his public behavior and the drinking habits which ultimately led to his death.

Thomas enjoyed his childhood in Wales, and his work in later years would reflect a desire to recapture the relatively carefree years of his youth. A generally undistinguished student, Thomas entered the Swansea Grammar School in Thomas resigned from the paper early inand poetry became his primary occupation.

By all accounts, he was not a successful news reporter: During the early s Thomas began to develop the serious drinking problem that plagued him throughout the remainder of his life. He also began to develop a public persona as a jokester and storyteller.

However, his notebooks reveal that many of his most highly regarded poems were either written or drafted during this period and that he had also begun to experiment with short prose pieces.

During this period he established a lifelong pattern of travel between London and some rural retreat, usually in Wales. As the decade progressed, he gained increasing recognition for both his poetry and his prose.

Loss of innocence 1880 1914

For the next twelve years the couple led a nomadic and financially difficult existence, staying with friends, relatives, and a series of benefactors. Too frail for active military service, and needing to support himself and his wife, Thomas took work writing scripts for propaganda films during World War IIat which time he also began to participate in radio dramas and readings for the BBC.

His financial burdens increased during this time. Daughter Aeron followed in March, Thomas emerged from the war years a respected literary figure and popular performer; however, his gregarious social life and the excessive drinking it encouraged seriously interfered with his writing.

Seeking an environment more conducive to poetic production, Thomas and his family returned to Laugharne in During the final years of his life, he traveled to the United States four times, each time engaging in parties and readings in and around New York City, followed by readings and more celebrations at numerous universities throughout the country.

His fourth and final American tour began on October 19, and ended with his death from a massive overdose of alcohol on November 9. Thomas opens the poem like a storyteller.

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