Million word essay

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Million word essay

Search Million word essay a Million Words or Fewer A simple activity offers a powerful tool for learning about your students and connecting with their parents. Read what others had to say about the "Million Words" activity. Tips for introducing the Million Words activity in your classroom.

In fact, I even recommended it to other teachers," said Kate Geisen, who taught last year at Whiteside Middle School in Belleville, Illinois, and will start a new job this month as a kindergarten teacher at Whiteside Elementary. It might be an even more valuable tool at that level. It is the easiest and most valuable tool I will have access to all year," added Fogarty, who teaches English and writing at Southside School in Houlton, Maine.

Kids especially love this homework assignment -- because the assignment is for their parents! It was an idea she had used for the first time more than ten years ago.

Teacher Deb Bova posted the original idea for the Million Words homework assignment last summer on the MiddleWeb listserv.

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Dozens of teachers Million word essay up the idea. Following are a few comments from teachers who used the activity: I feel as if I learned more in a day than I could in a year.

Million word essay

They brought me to tears and heartfelt laughter. They made me realize in brand new ways how much most parents and guardians love their children This has been enlightening for me, freeing for the parents, and rather fun for the students. Every parent who wrote thanked me for giving it. Better yet, if you teach the middle grades, why not join the conversation?

For parents, the first week of school can be a nightmare of form signing, Lindgren noted, "but this assignment turns it all around. Parents get to tell us a little bit about their scholars.

It gave me a heads up on student interests and family situations. And it gave parents a chance to share anything else they thought was important about their child and to brag on them a little.

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They told me about their troubles and their triumphs. The assignment helped Kate Geisen "get a sense of who my students were out of school, which sometimes helped me keep their classroom behavior in perspective.

Million word essay

That gave me a chance to have some positive interactions with him. At the start of each year Greenberg has her students write a bio poem about themselves. She frames each poem with a digital photo of the student.

Or I might have the parents do a bio poem about themselves to reveal something of themselves to their child. What I got instead was raw, intense, honest emotions. I was able in a short time to get to know my students on a deeper level.

I also found out about their strengths and weaknesses, their past math experiences" "Whenever a student is struggling, I dig out the letter from the parents to see if it gives me any insight into what might be at the root of the problem," George added.

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They suggested that you should be aware that some parents might see the activity as a burden or "none of your business. An extra effort -- perhaps a phone call -- might get the response you desire or, at the very least, provide an opportunity for those parents to share some valuable information about their children.

So often, parents forget to praise their kids about the positives".The Horatio Alger Association honors the achievements of outstanding individuals in our society who have succeeded in spite of adversity and who are committed to supporting young people in pursuit of increased opportunities through higher education.

A Wonderful Tool to Connect with Parents I tried the "Million Words or Less" idea with my 90+ 8th grade middle school students. Since we have quite a diverse population, I offered the option that if their had about a dozen parents who .

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A MILLION WORD ESSAY by Jay Kennedy Questions: 1 Time: limited by life Required: No less than ONE MILLION WORDS as your answer. INSTRUCTIONS: Note: Do not answer until you get to the test question.

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