Organization structure between hong kong aircraft engineering haeco and china aircraft service

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Organization structure between hong kong aircraft engineering haeco and china aircraft service

FAA Certification of Repair Station Mechanics Summary Airlines outsource maintenance to countries like China and El Salvador to achieve cost savings from the comparatively lower wages and from lower costs to build and maintain repair facilities.

In some cases, particularly in China, government investment and other incentives, along with backing from national airlines, have spurred rapid expansion of the foreign aircraft maintenance industry over the past decade. While airline maintenance work outsourced to foreign repair facilities has increased considerably over the past decade, there are no conclusive data indicating that this has directly resulted in the loss of U.

While investigative reports and labor union sponsored studies of airline outsourcing practices have been critical of foreign repair facilities, more detailed statistical analysis does not support conclusions that maintenance outsourcing or offshoring has had measurable negative impact on safety, quality control, or reliability.

Although some experts believe that safety is being compromised and the regulation and oversight of foreign repair stations needs to be improved, analyses of recent trends do not provide obvious evidence that maintenance outsourcing has adversely affected airline safety.

Additional concerns have been raised over worker training and qualifications at foreign facilities, the relatively low numbers of workers at these facilities with FAA certification, and the lack of English language skills necessary to read and comprehend maintenance manuals and instructions.

Congress also has been concerned about the adequacy of drug and alcohol testing programs at foreign repair stations that work on U. Additionally, the act directed FAA to ensure that foreign repair stations are subject to appropriate inspections consistent with existing U. The United States has continued to maintain a positive trade balance with respect to airline maintenance work.

However, future foreign investment in advanced training and technical capabilities related to high-value engine and component repair and overhaul could lead to more direct foreign competition in these areas.

Organization structure between hong kong aircraft engineering haeco and china aircraft service

While available data do not indicate that offshoring of maintenance work has negatively impacted safety, specific areas for potential improvement include the allocation of FAA inspectors and resources focused on the oversight of foreign repair stations; FAA certification and qualification standards for individuals assigned to supervisory roles at foreign repair stations; and standards or guidelines for English language proficiency and comprehension of written technical materials among foreign repair station mechanics.

Offshoring of Airline Maintenance: In domestic operations, airlines now have almost total freedom to determine which markets to serve and what airfares to charge. Competitive forces, as well as higher fuel prices and changing travel patterns, have placed the industry under financial pressure, as evidenced by numerous mergers and bankruptcies.

To stay competitive and profitable, many airlines have joined alliances to expand their global reach and achieve economies of scale. At the same time, price competition has forced airlines to contain costs. One of the practices aimed at keeping costs competitive is the outsourcing of aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul MROeither domestically or to foreign countries.

Many foreign airlines and cargo carriers also send maintenance work to outside service providers. This report focuses on U. This report analyzes trends in MRO outsourcing and explains the major factors contributing to them. It then considers safety consequences, employment effects, and regulatory implications of increased foreign maintenance of U.

A detailed inspection of the airframe and certain components, including any applicable corrosion prevention programs and comprehensive structural inspection and overhaul of the aircraft. Heavy maintenance is comparatively Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO), TIMCO Aviation Services in the United States, Lufthansa Technik AG, and Mexicana MRO Services.

Boeing is a joint venture partner in. HKAR Aircraft Maintenance Licence. 66 is available from the Flight Standards and Airworthiness Division of Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD). A type rated HKAR Aircraft Maintenance Licence normally does not confer any certification privileges on the holder in their own right.

Such licence must be used in conjunction . Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL) is a joint venture company between Rolls-Royce plc and Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO).

The company provides world-class aero engine and component repair services to many of the world’s most respected airlines that have chosen Rolls-Royce to power their fleet of Title: Multi-NAA Aviation Safety Specialist.

Rusada Solution Selected by STAECO(RIZHAO)Aircraft Engineering Co. HAECO Hong Kong Introduces Mobile Mechanic App; MoU with Air Esurfing for installing fleet connectivity solutions in China; IFS extends leadership in Service Management with the acquisition of WorkWave ;.

Represented Hong Kong Aircraft and Engineering Co. (HAECO) as regulatory counsel in its $ million acquisition of TIMCO Aviation, a global provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.

China HAECO Group Service Locations Established in Hong Kong in , HAECO is one of the world’s leading independent aircraft engineering and maintenance groups. It is one of the largest Maintenance, Repair Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering .

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