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We manufacture high quality Paper Products to cater to the global clientele. Established inthe Company has rapidly grown into a leading Paper Converting unit in India with the latest model machinery and an experienced, dedicated team of staff and workers. It caters to the packaging needs of a variety of industries like textile, paper, flexible film, laminates, coir, pump set and engineering. Enriched with more than 30 years of experience, Bharath Paper Conversions remains the trend setter in the manufacture of paper products providing the bench mark for quality and customer service.

Paper cones

One of those debates which had been raging for decades is about metal vs. Each has its merits and every manufacturer has their preferences. Unfortunately, the perfect driver does not exist in the real world, so speaker designers select materials that allow them to get as close the ideal as possible.

The best thing about plastic polypropylene cones is that they perform pretty well and their manufacturing uniformity is very high and inexpensive to produce. These cones have a major advantage in that they are highly damped and lossy.

This means they can have a controlled break-up, which results in a smoother high frequency roll-off.

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Some people argue that plastic cones tend to not sound as snappy or lively as stiff paper cone counterparts. This can be attributed to an almost capacitive storage effect inherent in soft cone type drivers. However, if well engineered, a good, well damped plastic diaphragms can excel at midrange frequencies and at a fraction of the cost of producing a quality paper cone driver.

Paper formulations have all the good points spoken about above, but the paper cone can actually absorb moisture from the air, changing its mass and damping characteristics.

Cost, manufacturing complexity-uniformity issues, performance considerations, etc. Paper cones, made in part from felt and wool have a combination of stiffness, low mass and loss inherent in the material that often make the best sounding cones.

Sometimes rubber can be added to the paper to increase its durability.

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Tweeters have to vibrate at very high speeds 20kHz range and are often made from metals such as aluminum, titanium or silk. They must be very stiff while remaining light weight. Mids and woofers are often made with paper with additivesKevlar, ceramics or exotic items such as wood.

All of these different materials are selected by the designer to achieve that elusive goal: Frankly, these variables allow the comsumer a variety of choices and keep us all from buying the same style boring box speakers.Paper Dahlia Wreath.

Spring, oh spring! Where have you gone!?

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Last week we had some gorgeous days in the 70s and this weekend we got a foot of snow! The vast range of cones sizes and features ensure the proper cone for each application. INDOPEN’s cones are designed to meet specific customer applications and assist mills in lowering total costs.

Paper serving cones make any snack feel a little bit fancier, even if they are inspired by the newspaper to-go containers from fish and chip shops. I like to use them for cocktail parties, because you can easily hold them as you go about your business.

Paper cones

If you'd like to learn how to make paper cones, it’s only slightly more complicated than folding a letter. Royal Paper Products since are the Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Kraft Paper Cones, Paper Tubes, Paper Cores and Paper containers in various countries like Poland, Egypt, Korea, Kenya, Africa, Mexico, Italy, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Japan, China and many more.

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Textile Paper Cones With a far located vision, a sharp view of the business sector patterns, and an in number duty to consumer loyalty, we are occupied with offering quality guaranteed Textile Paper Cones.

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