Social cultural anthropology extended essays

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Social cultural anthropology extended essays

Cultural anthropology Cultural anthropology is that major division of anthropology that explains culture in its many aspects.

It is anchored in the collection, analysis, and explanation or interpretation of the primary data of extended ethnographic field research. This disciplineboth in America and in Europe, has long cast a wide net and includes various approaches.

It has produced such collateral approaches as culture-and-personality studiesculture history, cultural ecology, cultural materialism, ethnohistory, and historical anthropology.

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These subdisciplines variously exploit methods from the sciences and the humanities. Cultural anthropology has become a family of approaches oriented by the culture concept.

The central tendencies and recurrent debates since the midth century have engaged universalist versus particularist perspectives, scientific versus humanistic perspectives, and the explanatory power of biology nature versus that of culture nurture.

Two persistent themes have been the dynamics of culture change and the symbolic meanings at the core of culture. The definition of culture has long provoked debate. The earliest and most quoted definition is the one formulated in by Edward Burnett Tylor: Culture or Civilization, taken in its wide ethnographic sense, is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, moralslawcustom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.

Three things of enduring relevance are to be remarked in this definition. First, it treats culture and civilization as interchangeable terms. Second, it emphasizes ethnography.

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And third, it singles out that which is learned by means of living in society rather than what is inherited biologically.

In respect to culture and civilization, Tylor collapses the distinction between the total social legacy of a human group, including every mundane matter from pot making to toilet practices, and its most refined attainments, such as the fine arts, that has been at the heart of the debate over what culture is.

On the second point, he emphasizes what has continued to be the anchor of cultural anthropology in ethnographic fieldwork and writing.

At the same time, the positioning and gender of the ethnographer and the bias in ethnographic data have undergone increasingly close scrutiny.

Social cultural anthropology extended essays

On the third point, by emphasizing what is socially learned rather than what is biologically transmitted, Tylor points up the enduring problem of distinguishing between biological and cultural influences, between nature and nurture.

It was the age of exploration and discovery that exposed the breadth of human diversityposing those fundamental questions of universality and particularity in human lifeways that have become the province of cultural anthropology.

In the face of such diversity, Enlightenment thinkers sought to discover what could still be taken as universally reasonable—enlightened or truly civilized—in the living out of human relationships. The French Enlightenment emphasized universals grounded in human reason against which the German thinkers, most notably Johann Gottfried von Herderspoke of Kultur, which is to say the particular identity-defining differences characteristic of peoples and nations.

This universalism - particularism debate between French and German thinkers, which is a version of the debate between Classicism and Romanticismhas continued to be central in cultural anthropology.

There is also the related debate between idealism and materialism: European idealism emphasized the subtle meaningfulness of local configurations of thought and value over against the practical focus on utilitarian analysis of healthmaterial well-being, and survival.

This idealism flourished in German anthropology in the late 19th century, notably in the work of Rudolf Virchow and Adolf Bastianand influenced the German-born Franz Boasa longtime professor at Columbia Universitywho trained most of the formative generation of 20th-century American anthropologists.

The debate between idealism and materialism in cultural anthropology continues today. American cultural anthropology The idealism of Boasian cultural anthropology found its first challenge in 19th-century cultural evolutionismwhich had its origins in the early modern notion of the Great Chain of Being.

Stimulated mainly by Darwinian thought, 19th-century classical evolutionism arranged the different lifeways of the world on a hierarchical and unilinear ladder proceeding from savagery to barbarism to civilization, taking as exemplary of the latter such evolved civilizations as the Euro-American and the Asiatic.

First, their fieldwork, largely undertaken among American Indiansshowed the widespread influences of diffusion between culturesstimulating culture change that rendered any simple picture of unilinear evolution untenable. - Kalkulator

All cultures learned from each other throughout their histories. Also, the discovery that cultural adaptation to particular local physical environments had an important influence on evolution led to a more pluralistic and multilineal approach to culture change.

The comparison of cultures that arose in early 20th-century anthropology produced diverse theoretical and methodological consequences, most notably the concept of cultural relativisma theory of culture change or acculturationand an emphasis on the study of symbolic meaning.

British structural-functionalism became influential, even in the United States, as a countercurrent to the cultural emphasis of American anthropology. In part this emphasis is present because, after World War IImany American anthropologists did ethnographic fieldwork in Africa, South Asia, and the Pacific, where British-trained social anthropologists were the pioneers.

The emphasis on the study of whole cultures and on cultures as systems in American cultural anthropology, often called holismalso showed both French and British influence. Structuralism affected American cultural anthropology, harmonizing with idealist elements and the treatment of culture as first of all patterns of belief or ideas which eventuated in practical activity.Home / Ib social cultural anthropology extended essay word / Ib social cultural anthropology extended essay word Previous Ricardo valerdi dissertation help, financial crisis essays.

Social and cultural anthropology extended essay word. Paragraphs in common app essays Paragraphs in common app essays mind blindness an essay on autism and theory of mind pdf files dr sabine brunswicker dissertations. Nov 21,  · Ib social cultural anthropology extended essay criteria.

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Ib social cultural anthropology extended essay