The alternative learning system

Through leadership that strongly encourages the development of meaningful research-based intervention programs for Arkansas students, Alternative Education renews the hope of at-risk students for a brighter future. Cost is always a factor when deciding if college is the next step for students.

The alternative learning system

Informal Education for Disadvantaged Children This program focuses on packaging of short-term educational activity that addresses the special needs and interests of the street and working children. As a form of distance learning, it is able to expand access to education by bringing it to where the learners are.

It aims to provide learning opportunities to listeners and enable them to acquire equivalency in basic education through the broadcast of lessons.

Parent Education The Parent Education is an informal education which is a life skills short-term course that addresses the special needs and interests of the parents to promote pride in their work and ownership of their responsibilities as members of the family and their community.

It is a life skills-based education program for adolescents who are in high-risky behavior, sex-related or non-sex related behavior. Indigenous People Education The Indigenous Peoples Education is a research and development project which aims to provide basic education support services to IP communities.

This is initially implemented at the tribal communities in Dumalneg, Ilocos Norte, Gen. Nakar, Quezon, and Botolan, Zambales. Basic Literacy Program The Basic Literacy Program is a program aimed at eradicating illiteracy among out-of-school youth and adults in extreme cases school-aged children by developing basic literacy skills of reading, writing and numeracy.

These programs has two methods of instruction; school-based and community-based.

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Delivery of instructions is provided by government-paid instructors or by private non-government organization. Department of Education Website Advertisements.Alternative Learning System is of help in the endeavor of the government to eradicate illiteracy and address unemployment problems.

The alternative learning system

In fact most of those helping to maintain our economy or Mga Bagong Bayani working abroad acquired their skills in Alternative Learning System. EDEL B. CARAG, Ed.D. Chief, BALS Literacy Division Officer in Charge, Office of the Director III Bureau of Alternative Learning System Department of Education.

Alternative definition, a choice limited to one of two or more possibilities, as of things, propositions, or courses of action, the selection of which precludes any other possibility: You have the alternative of riding or walking.

See more. learning system Overview: Historical Context of ALS As always, it is best to trace the source of an educational system such as the ALS to the basic and fundamental law of the land. Jun 26,  · DepEd Alternative Learning System for Homeschoolers. by Michelle | Jun 26, | College Prep, Filipino Homeschool Issues, Homeschool, Homeschool High School.

Waiting for the DepEd Alternative Learning System exam results This is an update of my previous post about Guitar Babe taking up DepEd Alternative Learning System exam. A few years ago I had the opportunity to partner with the Alternative Learning System or ALS at the Department of Education where for the very first time I had the chance to observe classes at a.

Alternative Learning System