Uic mupp personal statement

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Uic mupp personal statement

Students in the joint degree programs should consult the Graduate Catalog for applicable academic policies once they are enrolled as graduate students in the college.

Academic Load In the Urban and Public Affairs program, students must enroll in a full-time program of study, in either day or evening classes. During the fall and spring semesters, a minimum full-time program is 12 hours of credit per semester.

A program of 19 semester hours or more must be approved by a college Uic mupp personal statement or the director of the UPA program. For Summer Session 1 four-week and Summer Session 2 eight-weekUIC considers a total aggregate of 6 semester hours as the minimum number necessary to constitute full-time enrollment.

A program of 11 semester hours or more during the summer session must be approved by a college dean or the director of the UPA program. Academic Probation and Dismissal Rules A student will be placed on academic probation in any term in which either a cumulative or semester grade point average of less than 2.

A student on probation is expected to earn greater than a 2. Undergraduates must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3. Dismissal Rules Students failing to earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.

In any term, a student may be dismissed for one or more of the following reasons: First-term students will be dismissed after their first term of enrollment if they earn zero credit or obtain a deficit of points or more.

Deficit points are calculated as follows: Add the points of each course taken during the semester. The total equals the deficit points used to determine probation status. Each deficit point equals one hour of B. Continuing students will be dismissed at the end of any term in which their cumulative deficit points see above are or more.

Failure to earn any credit. Failure to earn at least a 1. Failure to earn at least a 2. Failure to meet conditions of probation. Failure to meet conditions specified at the time of admission. Failure to make progress toward completion of the UPA degree. Two or more consecutive terms of University withdrawals.

The dean may waive the dismissal rules in extraordinary circumstances. Appeal of a Dismissal Decision Students who have been dismissed by the college may apply for readmission after two terms excluding the summer session.

Students who can document that poor academic performance was the result of significant extenuating circumstances, such as a long-term or debilitating illness or personal crisis, may petition for immediate reinstatement.

The student must make arrangements for an interview, with supporting documentation, with the director of UPA or dean prior to the first day of instruction of the new term. UIC through the end of the second week of classes for fall and spring semesters, the first Wednesday of Summer Session 1, or the first Friday of Summer Session 2.

UIC Graduate Catalog | Urban Planning and Policy

During weeks 3 through 10 of the fall and spring semesters first Thursday through the second Wednesday of Summer Session 1 or weeks 2 through 5 of Summer Session 2 students may drop courses with the permission of their major college.

If the drop occurs between 0 and 2 weeks in fall and spring, there will be no notation on the transcript. If the drop occurs during weeks 3 through 10 in fall and spring first Thursday through the second Wednesday of Summer Session 1 or weeks 2 through 5 of Summer Session 2a W is noted on the transcript.

Undergraduate students may drop a maximum of 4 UIC individual courses that result in a W notation on their transcript during their entire undergraduate degree program.

Failure to attend classes does not result in automatic withdrawal from a course. The college expects that students will attend all classes. Course Prerequisites A student must satisfy the prerequisites before enrolling in a course. A student enrolling in a course without having met the prerequisites may be withdrawn from the course.

Course prerequisites are listed in both the course descriptions in this catalog and the Schedule of Classes. Only the instructor may waive the prerequisite, if given evidence that the student is adequately prepared to pursue the subject.

Courses completed with a grade of CR carry credit and apply toward degree requirements. In general, grades of CR and NC are final and cannot be changed to letter grades. Students on probation and those whose status is undetermined at the time at which they elect the option are not eligible.

The following describes the restrictions that apply to all students regardless of major or curriculum: It is the responsibility of the student to determine eligibility under the regulations.

Students will be informed if they are ineligible and will receive a grade for the course.Listserv subscription is open to any email address. Listserv lists are created to serve UIC groups.

We do require that someone with a valid UIC NetID (faculty, staff member or student) be listed as a primary owner for the list, although someone else may be designated to maintain the list. Introduction. The College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs (CUPPA) at UIC is an internationally recognized leader in education, research, and engagement in support of the world’s cities and metropolitan areas.

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Uic mupp personal statement

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