Why i am pro life essay

Politically, I am pro-choice:

Why i am pro life essay

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Saturday, January 22, Why I am Pro-life: A Short, Nonsectarian Argument Thirty eight years ago today, the Supreme Court of the United States of America overturned the abortion laws of all fifty states in an act of "raw judicial power" and deep legal illogic, finding a nonexistent "right to privacy in the Constitution" that was applied to abortion.

Perhaps fifty-two million unborn human beings have been legal killed by abortion since that grim day. Today President Barack Obama applauded this egregious and blood-letting decision.

Of course, he did; he has premised his abominable political career on being on the wrong side of this life-and-death issue. One cannot be pro-life and support this man. I wrote the following essay as a short, philosophical defense of the pro-life position.

The Constructive Curmudgeon: Why I am Pro-life: A Short, Nonsectarian Argument

It has been published in a secular textbook, Taking Sides, a work on moral issues. Please ponder this argument, spread the word, and promote the culture of life against the culture of death and callousness. It should not be confused with miscarriage which involves no human Why i am pro life essay or contraception which uses various technologies to prohibit sperm and egg from producing a fertilized ovum after sexual intercourse.

Miscarriages are natural if sad occurrences, which raise no deep moral issues regarding human conduct—unless the woman was careless in her pregnancy. Contraception is officially opposed by Roman Catholics and some other Christians, but I take it to be in a moral category entirely separate from abortion since it does not involve the killing of a fetus ; therefore, it will not be addressed here.

Wadethis essay makes a simple, straightforward moral argument against abortion. Sadly, real arguments reasoned defenses of a thesis or claim are too rarely made on this issue.

Instead, propaganda is exchanged. Given that the Obama administration is the most pro-abortion administration in the history of the United Statessome clear moral reasoning is called for at this time.

The first premise of the argument is that human beings have unique and incomparable value in the world. But anyone who holds that humans are special and worthy of unique moral consideration can grant this thesis even if their worldview does not ultimately support it.

Of course, those like Peter Singer who do not grant humans any special status will not be moved by this. Many true and justified beliefs concerning human beings and other matters are denied by otherwise intelligent people.

Second, the burden of proof should always be on the one taking a human life and the benefit of doubt should always be given to the human life. This is not to say that human life should never be taken. In an often cruel and unfair world, sometimes life-taking is necessary, as many people will grant.

Cases include self-defense, the prosecution of a just war, and capital punishment. Yet all unnecessary and intentional life-taking is murder, a deeply evil and repugnant offense against human beings.

This would also be acknowledged by those, such as absolute pacifists, who believe that it is never justifiable to take a human life. Third, abortion nearly always takes a human life intentionally and gratuitously and is, therefore, morally unjustified, deeply evil, and repugnant—given what we have said about human beings.

The fetus is, without question, a human being. If the fetus is not human, what else could it possibly be? Could it be an ape or a rabbit? Some philosophers, such as Mary Anne Warren, have tried to drive a wedge between personhood and humanity. That is, there may be persons who are not human such as God, angels, ETs—if they existand there may be humans that are not persons fetuses or those who lose certain functions after having possessed them.

While it is true that there may be persons who are not humans, it does not logically follow that there are humans who are not persons.Life begins at the moment of conception, which was established. If it is murder to kill a human being, in any stage of life, there should be no debate.

If it is a moral and social sin, why is this paper even necessary?

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It should be evident, through our own human nature that to kill our own offspring is WRONG. Life begets life. To that end, lausannecongress2018.com published a piece entitled “I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice.” While it is a disturbing read, it clearly shines the light on those in opposition to the pro-life position.

Pro-Life Essay. Abortion: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Words | 3 Pages.

Why i am pro life essay

They believe that abortion is murder and should be illegal for everyone. I am Pro-Life. Abortion is completely wrong and shouldn’t be legal or even thought of. My main reason is because abortion is immoral and to go through with an abortion takes away life.

Jan 22,  · Second, the burden of proof should always be on the one taking a human life and the benefit of doubt should always be given to the human life. This is not to say that human life should never be taken. In an often cruel and unfair world, sometimes .

Personally, I am pro-life. Politically, I am pro-choice: as a Republican, I believe in personal responsibility and freedom of choice.

It’s disheartening to see young people on Thought Catalog slander the sincerity of people like me, people with a strong pro-life . A true understanding of life and death, the societal impact of disregard for human life, and the fundamental dignity of the human person are the principle reasons why I am pro-life.

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