Write a news item about the incident in photo b

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Write a news item about the incident in photo b

Initial operations[ edit ] U. Army Cargo Vessel FP Her first commanding officer was Lt. Initially, she served as a light cargo ship, but shortly after resuming service was converted to an intelligence gathering ship, or what is colloquially known as a " spy ship ", and redesignated AGER-2 on 13 May Pueblo incident[ edit ] On 5 JanuaryPueblo left U.

Navy base YokosukaJapanin transit to the U. She left with specific orders to intercept and conduct surveillance of Soviet Navy activity in the Tsushima Strait and to gather signal and electronic intelligence from North Korea.

That day, a North Korean unit made an assassination attempt in the "Blue House" executive mansion against the South Korean President Park Chung-heebut the crew of Pueblo were not informed.

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The North Korean vessel then ordered Pueblo to stand down or be fired upon. Pueblo attempted to maneuver away, but was considerably slower than the submarine chaser. Several warning shots were fired.

Additionally, three torpedo boats appeared on the horizon and then joined in the chase and subsequent attack. A fourth torpedo boat and a second submarine chaser appeared on the horizon a short time later. The ammunition on Pueblo was stored belowdecks, and her machine guns were wrapped in cold weather tarpaulins.

The machine guns were unmanned, and no attempt was made to man them. An NSA report quotes the sailing order: Defensive armament machine guns should be stowed or covered in such manner so that it does not cause unusual interest by surveyed units.

It should be used only in the event of a threat to survival Only one crew member, with former army experience, had ever had any experience with such weapons, although members of the crew had received rudimentary instructions on the weapons immediately prior to the ship's deployment.

Navy authorities and the crew of Pueblo insist that before the capture, Pueblo was miles outside North Korean territorial waters. North Korea says the vessel was well within North Korean territory. The smaller vessels fired machine guns into Pueblo, which then signaled compliance and began destroying sensitive material.

The volume of material on board was so great that it was impossible to destroy it all. I wanted to get the place organized eventually and we had excessive numbers of copies on board As a result, Seventh Fleet command was fully aware of Pueblo's situation.

Air cover was promised but never arrived. The Fifth Air Force had no aircraft on strip alert, and estimated a two to three-hour delay in launching aircraft. Enterprise's captain estimated that 1.

She was again fired upon, and a sailor, fireman Duane Hodges, was killed. The ship was finally boarded at Crew members had their hands tied and were blindfolded, beaten, and prodded with bayonets.BDRHoF do the honours.

32+ Incident Reports in PDF | Sample Templates The report- writing process begins with fact finding and ends with recommendations for preventing future accidents.
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Red Feather Prescribed Burn Photographs - InciWeb the Incident Information System A critical incident report is a report for incidents that caused hazardous or serious harm to the physical, mental, and emotional health of the people involved and in proximity.

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write a news item about the incident in photo b

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write a news item about the incident in photo b

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